Nov 042011

The unhealthiness of Scottish food is in the media. Suggestions are to copy the healthier English cooking instead, to reduce obesity in Scotland.

Here is what I (an Englishman) had for breakfast this morning:

2 hash browns. A sausage. A rasher of bacon (streaky, smoked). A slice of Bury black-pudding. 2 small mushrooms fried in butter. 2 pealed plum tomatoes from a can. A fried egg (fried in extra virgin olive oil). A glass of Golden Grapefruit juice. A mug of tea (Twinings Chai tea, with full-fat milk).

It sets me up for the day. I suspect it acts like an appetite-suppressant; I can last until the evening if I have to, but typically snack on some junk food during the day. This is pretty typical of the breakfast I cook myself every day.

I’m under the typical weight for my height, and the last time I had a health check the nurse suggested I put on weight. I never deliberately take exercise for the sake of it (yeuk!)

Perhaps I’ll die before I reach 65 (next year)!

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