Nov 162011

While Googling for new information about CinemaDNG, to help me update the Wikipedia page I had created, I found this book for sale:

CinemaDNG: Adobe Systems, Open format, Metadata, Digital Negative (file format), Tagged Image File Format, Extensible Metadata Platform, Material Exchange Format, Raw image format

Its “Product Description” was familiar – I had written most of it for Wikipedia! The “authors” (if they can be called that) have copied material from Wikipedia and elsewhere, compiled it into a book, and are selling it for more than £20! I also wrote some of the material on the Wikipedia pages for Digital Negative (file format), Tagged Image File Format, and  Raw image format, so I guess more of what I wrote will be in the book.

Amazon says:

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

This appears to be their general method, see these threads:

I just ran across one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen… a company by the name of Alphascript publishing literally just copies and pastes (even leaving web code in, with little arrows pointing to every link etc.) wikipedia pages on various topics, prints them, and sells them on amazon for upwards of 100$.

Essentially they reprint articles from Wikipedia in book form and sell them to unsuspecting buyers for exorbitant prices.

If you really want to know about these topics, you can find lots free on the web. You can find more about DNG on my website than Alphascript Publishing can possibly obtain without contravening my copyright. (They can’t get it elsewhere!) I’ve also written about CinemaDNG on my website.

Further reading

In fact, Alphascript Publishing is just one of the imprints of VDM Publishing. Others include Betascript Publishing, Fastbook Publishing, and others. See:
Wikipedia: VDM Publishing
The odd tale of Alphascript Publishing and Betascript Publishing

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