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I’m posting this as the basis for further analysis in later posts.

The UK media has lots of articles about good and bad behaviour in the name of various religions. This is especially true for Islam. In August 2008 I started to publish examples of what I thought the non-Muslim population of the UK wanted to see in the case of Islam, plus examples of what we typically don’t want to see. The latter dominated. When there were too many “bad behaviour” articles to fit conveniently onto the main page, I moved most of them to an overflow page:

The criterion for selecting news articles is that the good or bad behaviour must be in the name of Islam, or clearly a consequence of Islam. These are not articles about bad behaviour by Muslims where Islam is not a factor. By “bad behaviour” I typically mean “unenlightened behaviour“, but that is sometimes just a euphemism for truly barbaric behaviour.

For the purpose of this blog, I have consolidated these “bad behaviour” lists into a single page:

The news sources of these 309 articles cover the political spectrum: BBC (37 articles); Daily Mail (78); Guardian (17); Independent (26); Telegraph (59); Times (pre-paywall) (29); Others (63). Since I typically didn’t list all sources for a particular example of bad behaviour, it isn’t useful to read a lot into these numbers.

The context for these numbers is that there are about 2.5 to 3 million Muslims in the UK. Very few of them make the national news (either for good or bad behaviour).

Encouraging articles

I’ll show some encouraging articles first:

The last one of the above is particularly moving.

Unenlightened behaviour

The description of what I mean by each of these categories is at What do non-Muslims want?. In each case I give just a few examples below of the 309 news articles.

Violence and attempts at it

Full list at: Violence and attempts at it

Incitement – hatred & violence

Full list at: Incitement – hatred & violence

Barbaric practices

Full list at: Barbaric practices

Opposition to Human Rights

Full list at: Opposition to Human Rights

“Playing the game”

Full list at: “Playing the game”

Political Correctness

Full list at: Political Correctness

Creeping Islamisation

Full list at: Creeping Islamisation

Denial & diversion

Full list at: Denial & diversion

Future problems

Full list at: Future problems

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