Feb 112012


“Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has said the Christian faith is facing “gradual marginalisation”.”

Daily Mail:

“Christianity under attack”

(Added on 14 February) BBC:

“Militant secularisation threat to religion, says Warsi”


Christianity is not under attack.  Christian privilege is under attack!

Christianity is a hobby. As long as Christianity has no fewer privileges than any other hobby, there is no justification for complaint.

What Warsi calls “Militant secularisation” is really:

“Stop pushing religion in our face. Treat your religion, one of 1000s that are practiced in the 21st century, as a personal and private matter, or one that other consenting adults can share with you. If you do so, true secularists will support you not challenge you”.

And let’s be clear:

“Militant religious people use guns and bombs, and injure you with bullets and shrapnel.

“Militant atheists and secularists use microphones and word processors, and injure you with words you don’t want to hear and with legal judgments you disagree with”.

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