Jul 282012

I don’t think I would be writing this without half-a-bottle of wine inside me! But I can’t resist the logic of it.

There are various meanings of sodomy, but I believe most of the people who object to it don’t want men to stick their penises into other people’s bottoms. So they are opposed to gay sex/marriage, and probably typically associate this with man-man sex/marriage.

But why should they believe that man-woman marriage rules out “penis into bottom” sex? (I believe this has sometimes been made illegal, although I assume it is pretty hard to police!)

In fact, if you don’t want any official type of relationship that might involve “penis into bottom” sex, shouldn’t you try to prohibit anything other than woman-woman marriage?

Shouldn’t lesbian marriage be the only valid form of marriage?

Perhaps such people need an organisation in which “penis into anything” is banned?

Whoops! I’ve just invented the Roman Catholic Church!

(I assume that the bottoms of altar boys don’t count).

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