Aug 222012

So after 2 years of a legal struggle for a relatively painless and dignified death, Tony Nicklinson had to starve himself to death.

What a cruel system we have! And what cruel people there were opposing his death!

I hope that they will reflect on what their opposition achieved, or rather failed to achieve. If they have sufficient empathy even to appreciate what they did.

Some quotes from (BBC) Tony Nicklinson’s legal fight for right to die:

“The condition left him unable to speak or move and relying on a computer to communicate….  Mr Nicklinson said he did not want to potentially live with the debilitating syndrome for another 20 years….  The father of two and former engineer said he wished the doctors in Greece had left him to die.  “If I had my time again, and knew then what I know now, I would have not called the ambulance but let nature take its course,” he said in 2010.”

This illustrates the terrible dilemma people often face: whether to die early because they can’t rely on being able to die later.

“This led to …  giving evidence before the Commission on Assisted Dying where he said there was a “fundamental injustice with the present law”.  “A new law should restore the right of self-determination and would also help to protect those people who need protection,” he said.  “Once this is sorted out people like me can die in peace.” The release of the commission’s report in 2011 dashed Mr Nicklinson’s hopes.  It said there was a “strong case” for allowing assisted suicide but only for people who are terminally ill.”

 Why? What dreadful logic!It is OK to escape from 6 months of torture, but you must be forced to live with 20 years of torture!

“This saw Mr Nicklinson take his case to the High Court where he asked judges to give a doctor a “common law defence of necessity” against any possible murder charge….   But less than a week ago a tearful Mr Nicklinson was told he had lost the case. He said he was “devastated” and “utterly miserable”.  “I am saddened that the law wants to condemn me to a life of increasing indignity and misery,” he said.”

And a majority of the people in the UK are probably sad about his fate.

“Following Mr Nicklinson’s death, his lawyer said he had been “gutsy, determined and a fighter to the end”.”

Indeed! And in killing himself in this brave and nasty way, he has shown up the futility of those opposed to helping him die.

What did they achieve, except his prolonged suffering and a death that we wouldn’t force upon animals!

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