Sep 242012

It has been a long time since I created and uploaded a gallery to my website. I have a large backlog of photos that I have been meaning to select from and upload but haven’t got round to. (Including about 10,000 photos taken this year at Airshows!)

Time to tackle the backlog! Here are some photos from a first studio session in March with freelance model “Emethyst”. (My second session with her was last Saturday).

I have been taking photos in studios for many years, (and there are several examples in the galleries on my website), but until this year all the arrangements have been done by others. In February I attended a “Studio skills” workshop organised by Jessops and run by Will Cheung. I now have my own studio equipment. I can set up a mini-studio in my dining room, or pack it all into several bags and take it by car elsewhere.

Emethyst – freelance model

I work with Dave and Lynda Hockin, also from North Cheshire Photographic Society. (While they were also taking photos, the above photos were taken by me). It is fair to say that we are struggling up a steep learning-curve! It gives Emethyst (with much more experience than us) a reason to smile, which I think gives some good results. I especially like portraits of those unpredicted spontaneous moments.

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