Sep 272012

This is the second gallery I’ve uploaded within days! (The first was  Emethyst – first session). This is another step in my efforts to do something about my backlog of unprocessed photographs taken this year.

I have taken far more photos at airshows this year than any other subject. Much of this arises from the fact that I shoot a lot of photos of aircraft in flight at 7 frames per second! (I have been to 4 major UK airshows, for one day each. For the first three, I got drenched and sunburned on the same day. For the fourth the sun was so intense that I had sun-block running into my eyes and had to stop early!)

As a challenge, I have created a gallery of 40 photos that are all uncropped and unPhotoshopped. This is hard: first, because well-composed photos of aircraft in flight are tricky; and second, because it needs massive restraint on my part not to crop and send them Photoshop! I use Photoshop a lot, and have even given digital workshops about it.

It can be argued that I cheated! I use Lightroom as my organiser and raw converter and initial photo-editor, and for some purposes this makes Photoshop redundant, or certainly less important. All of these photos have been processed from raw in Lightroom, and I used Lightroom to create the gallery (as usual).

2012 airshows

2012 airshows – uncropped and unPhotoshopped

Comments about whether the attempt was a success are welcome! I know I could have improved most of them with cropping, and all of them with Photoshop. But I spent decades mostly shooting slides and wanted to see if any skills remained.

I have printed a couple of these photos at A3+ (after using Photoshop). One of them scored 19 (out of 20) in a recent club competition.

The airshows covered (to a tiny degree!) are:

My cameras and lenses are identified at dpreview.

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