Nov 142012

It wasn’t until I read the following editorial in the Independent that I thought much about the PCC election tomorrow:

Here are my options for the Greater Manchester police force area. Should the candidate be independent of any political party? If so, why? One candidate thinks so:

But the argument for a PCC who is independent of a political party is not made by this candidate. He clearly believes it, but didn’t explain what’s in it for me. Perhaps he is right, but if so the only way to find out is to test the alternative. However, this next candidate does make the case for independence, but not intentionally!

Much of his statement is an attack on the Conservative and Lib-Dem policies. He appears to be appealing to Labour Party supporters, but doesn’t appeal to me! I don’t want to know his political opinions; I want to know what’s in it for me. I learned a bit about this, but not enough, among his party-electioneering.

That leaves 3 candidates:

My own political views are approximately “Conservative without the loony right” plus “Liberal Democrat without the ineffective left”. In other words, I may the only person left in the UK who is approximately aligned to the Coalition! (I am certainly opposed to “spend other people’s money until there is none left” Labour).

Matt Gallagher says some good things:

“Matt believes that prevention is better than cure. The Liberal Democrats are committed to reducing reoffending based on what works, not on what will generate newspaper headlines”.

Gosh! Not “evidence-based reasoning” rather than “knee jerk reactions”? How … quaintweirdunpolitical … enlightened!

I may leave the decision among these 3 until I’m faced with a fresh piece of paper in the voting booth. Highest probability: Matt Gallagher. Lowest probability: Steven Marcus Woolfe.

Is it worth voting, given expectations that fewer than 20% are likely to? Hell, yes! The fewer the people who vote, the greater the value of my vote!

Comment after voting

I hadn’t realised there were optionally two votes (first choice and second choice) available. That made things easier!

The result

Tony Lloyd won. Oh damn!

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