Nov 162012

Christianity, or at least the Roman Catholic Church’s version of it, has just killed a woman in the Republic of Ireland. Some religious people would like to run similar risks with women in the UK and the US. (What is it about your fear of women controlling their own bodies?) This shows what many of us already knew:

People who claim to be “pro-life” are typically not.
They are “anti-choice“!

Objections to assisted suicide in the UK are mostly driven by religious groups. There is no enlightened excuse for opposing the safe and modest proposals of Dignity in Dying.

People with religious views across the world screw up the lives of many LGBT people. Including proposals for severe punishments for gay people in Uganda.

Many religious people attack freedom of speech and other human rights. Stop throwing tantrums! Take control of your own emotional state, like mature adults, and learn not to get so upset.

All of these are attacks on people’s actions that wouldn’t have a direct personal affect on the religious people who object to them. Often they are merely attempts by control-freaks to control other people’s private lives. Stop being obsessed with what others are getting up to behind the curtains!

If you are religious, please don’t simply obey your Church.
Don’t hide behind your religion – join the 21st Century.

You are probably hearing distorted messages about what your religion really says. And religions are incompetent at morality! The 10 Commandments are a pathetic moral code. I would hate to live near someone whose only guide about what not to do was the 10 Commandments. It would be really nice if you adopted commandments like:

  • Do not commit genocide
  • Do not rape
  • Do not own slaves
  • Do not abuse children
  • Do not commit incest
  • Do not discriminate on grounds of … (various)
  • Do not deny the nature of the universe
  • Do not do long-term damage to the environment
  • Do not actively thwart the human rights of others

But perhaps you can’t adopt those commandments because your god actively advocates some of activities! Yahweh (Jehovah), the God of the Old Testament, certainly did, and is probably the most evil character in human literature.

By claiming allegiance to a religion you are adding weight to its bad effects.
Supporting a Church is supporting unenlightenment.

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