Jul 262011

I’m probably the last but one person to have a personal blog.  (I know someone else who hasn’t got one).

I have a lot of incredibly valuable things to say, and rather than tell them to a wall, I’ll blog them, with the realistic expectation that the blogosphere will take as much notice of them as a wall would.

I have had non-personal blogs before. I blogged on the subject of Child Support from 2003 to 2006. I run the blog on the North Cheshire Photographic Society website.  But blogs like that have to be anally-retentive, so I edit at least twice and don’t post with alcohol in my bloodstream.

I will be allowing myself to post here after a glass of wine. But probably not my usual half-bottle, unless I have something very urgent to say that needs to attract attention. I still need to be careful: if I said what I really thought, I would never be allowed into Saudi Arabia; I would never receive a knighthood; and the Pope wouldn’t allow me into the priesthood so I would never discover the truth about nuns.

In the near future I will blog proof that everyone is wrong to claim that the UK has a baby-boom. Seriously.

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