Jan 192013

I’ve just finished watching the 3 Swedish-made movies in the Stieg LarssonMillenium Trilogy“:

I was gripped by the character of Lisbeth Salander, and not only because of the mesmerising acting by Noomi Rapace.

I couldn’t help wondering what her Myers-Briggs Type Indicator would be. And I suspect INTP. Others think INTJ. But INTJs “tend to plan their activities and make decisions early; they derive a sense of control through predictability”. Yet I think she “tends to withhold judgment and delay important decisions, preferring to ‘keep her options open’ should circumstances change”, which is INTP.

This probably appears to be a strange analysis to be making when watching some movies! But in 2000 I tested as INTP, although not far from INTJ, and when watching these movies I kept thinking: “yes!” (I wonder if only INTP and INTJ people analyse movie characters in this way?)

(I also felt a connection with the character of Saga Norén in the Danish/Swedish TV series The Bridge. But her pedantry arose because she lacked empathy, and Asperger syndrome was assumed).

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