Aug 282011

I used the term “Militant enlightenment” in a recent post. (I view “enlightenment” as more comprehensive and hence more important than simply “atheism”).

Needless to say, it turns out not to be original. Google for “Militant enlightenment”.

Oh, well! At least it is an excuse to show this relevant video, one of my YouTube favourites:

The … video was retrieved from the Richard Dawkins foundation after a government raid….
… “Militant Atheist” is no longer a figure of speech….
However, this spiritual war will be different. Numbers may be on the side of religion, but Richard Dawkins is using evil science and evil technology….
Soldiers of God; soldiers of Jesus; we must start to pray and stop Richard Dawkins’ very evil plan for world conquest. Do you really want to live in a secular rational world?…
We can show Richard Dawkins that technology doesn’t matter when God is on your side…. It is all about faith, after all. Don’t you have faith? Make your sword as soon as possible.

Our God Is Everywhere

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