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I have long been interested in Human Rights. (And a strong advocate of various Human Rights Declarations, Conventions, and Acts of Parliament).

You can sub-set my posts using the “Rights” tag, or use this permanent link:

Here are some of the articles I’ve written about Human Rights:


Real human rights through the ages (Bills, Declarations, Conventions, Acts, etc):

Islam is inherently incompatible with Universal Human Rights. Here are commentaries on so-called “Islamic human rights”:


Real human rights:

So-called “Islamic human rights”:

These are good things, enshrined in the Human Rights Act:
Right to life; Prohibition of torture; Prohibition of slavery and forced labour; Right to liberty and security; Right to a fair trial; No punishment without law; Right to respect for private and family life; Freedom of thought, conscience and religion; Freedom of expression; Freedom of assembly and association; Right to marry; Prohibition of discrimination; Prohibition of abuse of rights; Limitation on use of restrictions on rights; Protection of property; Right to education; Right to free elections

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