Nov 162011

While Googling for new information about CinemaDNG, to help me update the Wikipedia page I had created, I found this book for sale: CinemaDNG: Adobe Systems, Open format, Metadata, Digital Negative (file format), Tagged Image File Format, Extensible Metadata Platform, Material Exchange Format, Raw image format Its “Product Description” was familiar – I had written most of it for Wikipedia! The “authors” (if they can be called that) have copied material from Wikipedia and elsewhere, compiled it into a book, and are selling it for more than £20! I also wrote some of the material on the Wikipedia pages for . . . . . . . . . . [Read complete post]

Nov 022011
Adobe use my website as an authority at a conference!

I just found this unexpectedly, while researching revisions to the Wikipedia page for CinemaDNG that I created a couple of years ago. Adobe gave an informative presentation at Siggraph 2010, first about DNG, then about CinemaDNG which is based on DNG. Here is the front slide: And here is slide 12: I’ve known for a long time that some of the information I’ve published about DNG exceeds anything Adobe have published. It is good to see that Adobe acknowledges this. Adobe: The CinemaDNG Initiative (PDF) Wikipedia: CinemaDNG Barry Pearson: Articles about DNG