Oct 142011
I've created a new page on Wikipedia: "OpenRAW"

Wikipedia: OpenRAW. I’ve previously blogged about OpenRAW: DNG part 3 – The tragedy of OpenRAW Here are articles on my website about OpenRAW: The tragedy of OpenRAW (life and death of OpenRAW) OpenRAW and DNG (attitudes towards DNG) Dialogue with Juergen Specht (OpenRAW’s anti-DNG proponent) Commentary on “DNG is not the answer” (about an article from Stuart Nixon) Commentary on “RAW format, the captive photo” (interviews with Dave Coffin and Juergen Specht) This is just the second page I’ve created. The first was – Wikipedia: CinemaDNG.

Oct 052011
DNG part 3 - The tragedy of OpenRAW

This is one of a set of 4 articles about DNG: DNG part 1 – Seven years of writing about Digital Negative Format DNG part 2 – Timeline for the Digital Negative Format DNG part 3 – (this article) DNG part 4 – DNG is the ONLY archival raw file format OpenRAW was born on 25 April 2005. It had the objective “Digital Image Preservation Through Open Documentation”. It was brain-dead within two years. It sometimes twitches and causes grief for those who ponder “what might have been?” Juergen Specht helped create OpenRAW. He also helped kill it. Pregnancy OpenRAW evolved . . . . . . . . . . [Read complete post]