Sep 272012
New photo gallery: Airshow photos 2012 - uncropped and unPhotoshopped

This is the second gallery I’ve uploaded within days! (The first was  Emethyst – first session). This is another step in my efforts to do something about my backlog of unprocessed photographs taken this year. I have taken far more photos at airshows this year than any other subject. Much of this arises from the fact that I shoot a lot of photos of aircraft in flight at 7 frames per second! (I have been to 4 major UK airshows, for one day each. For the first three, I got drenched and sunburned on the same day. For the fourth . . . . . . . . . . [Read complete post]

Jan 132012

This is an update to the policy identified in “Be careful to update Photoshop before it is too late!“. Adobe appear to have compromised on their policy, offering a delay to users of CS3 and CS4: c|net: Adobe has change of heart for CS6 upgrade pricing Practical Photoshop: New Photoshop CS6 upgrade policy: Adobe changes its mind… Here is John Nack’s explanation and Adobe’s statement: John Nack: New upgrade options for CS3 and CS4 customers Adobe: Upgrade offer for CS3 and CS4 customers

Dec 012011

The following is posted in good faith. I cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions. Adobe is changing its policy for allowing updates to Photoshop (and other products in the Creative Suite). This may cause unwary users to miss the opportunity to obtain Photoshop CS6 (and future versions) at the upgrade price rather than the full price. The previous policy was to allow upgrades to miss two versions. So it was possible to upgrade directly from Photoshop 7 to Photoshop CS3, missing out CS (which in effect was CS1) and CS2. Or to upgrade directly from Photoshop CS to . . . . . . . . . . [Read complete post]