Nov 162011

While Googling for new information about CinemaDNG, to help me update the Wikipedia page I had created, I found this book for sale: CinemaDNG: Adobe Systems, Open format, Metadata, Digital Negative (file format), Tagged Image File Format, Extensible Metadata Platform, Material Exchange Format, Raw image format Its “Product Description” was familiar – I had written most of it for Wikipedia! The “authors” (if they can be called that) have copied material from Wikipedia and elsewhere, compiled it into a book, and are selling it for more than £20! I also wrote some of the material on the Wikipedia pages for . . . . . . . . . . [Read complete post]

Oct 142011
I've created a new page on Wikipedia: "OpenRAW"

Wikipedia: OpenRAW. I’ve previously blogged about OpenRAW: DNG part 3 – The tragedy of OpenRAW Here are articles on my website about OpenRAW: The tragedy of OpenRAW (life and death of OpenRAW) OpenRAW and DNG (attitudes towards DNG) Dialogue with Juergen Specht (OpenRAW’s anti-DNG proponent) Commentary on “DNG is not the answer” (about an article from Stuart Nixon) Commentary on “RAW format, the captive photo” (interviews with Dave Coffin and Juergen Specht) This is just the second page I’ve created. The first was – Wikipedia: CinemaDNG.